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Design by Martzu Berg

Design by Martzu Berg - Vittujen Kevät

Martzu Berg has been designing design clothes since 1992 for numerous occasions and needs, for numerous companies and individuals.

The idea of the "Church boat" tunic started in Spain in February 2020 when fashion designer Martzu Berg, forced by his friends, attended a Bingo night. During that bingo game, Martzu drew bingo sheets full of pictures of a church boat, which inspired her friends to suggested she'd design a "Church boat" tunic.

The instigation-crazy designer finally implemented the idea, and when Meiju Suvas, a Finnish singer, contacted her while looking for a new performance outfit, she ended up using this tunic as her outfit. The tunic has been seen on Meiju recently both at concerts and in television programs.

This product with a Finnish design is only available in our store, it is available in two different models: Party and Swing tunics, three different colors: black, white and red and two different Swarovski rhinestone patterns: church boat and mushroom forest.

The products are made by hand and mainly based on orders. The delivery time of the products is about four weeks.