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Vittujen kevät explained

"Voi Vittujen kevät! Ja kyrpien takatalvi"

A very unique finnish curse deserving of some explanation.

Although the Finns are as baffled as anyone of the origins and logic behind these phrases, we all understand the meaning 100%.

Let us try to explain:

The phrase "Vittujen kevät" would literally translate to "Spring of Cunts". Or spring of pussies. Well, the spring of female genitalia. Spring of the vulva, let's go with that.

But. That's not what it means, not at all and not even closse!

The word "vittujen" is the plural for "vittu", a word with extremely multidimentional usages in the finnish language.

Originating from swedish "fitta" - "fytta" in old norse, meaning "vulva" in english, the word is nowadays used as a curse-word - the most used curseword in fact among the Finns, and it can be used in oh so many ways!

The simplest way to translate the curse-word usage would be as similar to the word "fuck".

It can be just a simple curse: Vittu! - Fuck! as used when frustrated, failure, etc.

But vittu is also used as a filler word with almost no limits!

It can start a sentence and can be used to create phrases with no translatable meaning, but obvious to a native Finn. What a word!

This also works similar to the use of "fuck" as a filler word or emphasizing an adjective. "He's very fuckin' handsome" (Hän on vitun komea), "What the fuck?" (Mitä vittua?) or "Every fuckin' one" (Joka vitun ikinen)

"Vittu mitä paskaa", a VERY common shout from a Finns lips, could translate roughly to "That's utterly unfair/poor quality/bullshit/bad/...". Go figure.

So. What does Vittujen kevät actually mean? You fucking decide.

But wait! What about the "Kyrpien takatalvi"?!

Well, that's something interesting. The literal translation "Blackberry winter of the cocks", is very accurate. It means just that. Blackberry winter being to spring what an Indian summer is for autumn. It is used as an "add-on" to the actual curse, suggesting the "Vittujen" would refer to female genitalia. But, well, as you by now know, it doesn't. So this is basically just a lame joke to imply a pun.

What about the other products on our website? Well, they are here for very good reasons and we'll do our best to explain ourselves in the product descriptions of each one. Rest assured, the reasonings are very finnish.. :D

Hopefully this explanation helps you understand the link between the name of the products and say, the shape of our jewelry. If not, that's fine, they're very cool anyway. Buy some!