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About us

We’re a Finland based company focusing mainly on clothing alteration and ecommerce.

The Vittujen kevät story started in the spring of 2020 when all hell broke loose, the society started to lock down and our main business went to a total halt.

The finnish phrase ”Vittujen kevät” is quite complex, but one good translation for it would be ”For fucks sake”, although the word ”vittu” is synonymous with a pussy/cunt and the literal translation of the phrase is "Spring of cunts". But please, read more about the term here

Our business was saved in 2020 by the decision to sell products with this term printed on t-shirts. As the term has a very clear connection with the female genitalia - and as the t-shirts and jewelry around this theme has brought a smile to so many peoples faces, we decided this deserved a dedicated shop. We even registered the trademark in Finland :D

We’re now focusing on printed products, jewelry and other accessories around the theme with products that have an interesting angle or twist.

We prefer domestic (Finnish) and hand made products, doing as much as possible here in Finland and not importing goods from cheap labor countries. We truly strive to bring you only very high quality products that you can wear pride.