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Proud Pussy - tote bag

Original Price $17.00
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Availability: In remote warehouse Delivery time: 28.06.2024
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  • Proud pussy printed tote bag.
  • • Material: 100 % cotton
    • Weight: 140 g/m²
    • Size: 38 x 42 cm
    • Volume:: 10 litres
    • Handle length: 67 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ollie Koo
Kaupungin tyylikkäin kassi!

Eipä oo yhtä tyylikästä kassia tullu ennen vastaan!

Kantokahvat on sopivan pitkät, kantaapa kassia olalla tai kahvoista alhaalla. Kangas on melko ohutta, mut silti kestävän oloista. Ainakin itse oon kauppaostokset kotiin tällä kantanut monta kertaa ja hyvin on toiminut. Kuvio mustalla pohjalla tulee kivasti esille ja muutama ihminen on kommentoinutkin jo ulkonäköä tyylikkääksi (tai tyylittömäksi) 😆

Eli oikein on toimiva peruskassi, jossa kulkee tavaraa paikasta toiseen.

Sarah Wigell
Great deliverytime and nice items!

First of all. I very rarly shop online. Its once a year. And in 2022 it was on a Tuesday in August. 😉

The delivery with schenker to Åland island was faster than I had expected. A fun and happy surprise! On the other side, all information in e-mail and also the informationcard was in Finnish. Hard for me as a swedish speaking fin.

You get my review ONLY because your "reminder to rate us"-mail was in english. Thanks for that!

I would love to shop from you with no taxes (because we pay em twice in Åland island), but as a small shop I also understrand that thats may not possible for all small companies.

The design is great and I love the items I bought. Just wait for give one of the pussy pin to my gurl ❤️

Thank you for your very kind words!
We try our very best to have all information available in english as well, but it is actually extremely hard to check everything is working correclty for all different location/language combinations. Sorry that we didn't succeed in giving you the full shopping experience in your preferred language. We'll work on this in the future that's for sure.

As for the tax issue, we really thought that for the Åland islands we have the tax rates setup correctly, but apparently they are not. We'll take a close look at this as well, as the tech should be there to handle taxes correctly for wherever the customer.

Again, thanks for your review and bringing these issues to our attention

Marjukka Paajolahti-Halme

Proud Pimppi - kangaskassi